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The Hire Ventures HR Shop is your one stop shop for #allthingsHR!  
These are documents that we have been customizing for our clients and are now available for you to download, edit and begin using today!

Through all facets of Finding & Keeping your talent, the HR Shop has you covered!   
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Sample Communication - Recall from Furlough (Offer letter)

You had to furlough employees, now you are ready to bring them back!  This document can ensure you stay compliant in their return to work.
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Sample Communication - Furlough Covid-19

The decision to furlough an employee is tough, this sample communication will help you craft the furlough communication.
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Sample Communication - Positive Result (Covid-19)

Communicating a positive result isn't easy, this sample template can help you craft the message.
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Sample Template – Salary Reductions

Salary reductions are tough, this sample communication can help you craft your message.
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Sample Template - Essential Business Letter

If your business is considered an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic, this template will hep.
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Applicant Screening Form

Interviewing is important and knowing the right questions to ask will help you interview and vet your candidate with confidence!
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Offer Letter Template

The most important document in your new hire kit is a legally sound, at will contingent offer letter template, this ones for you!  
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New Hire Onboarding Checklist

You've made a hire and now the work begins to onboard them effectively.  This checklist will get you started in the right direction!
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Performance Appraisal Kit

The Performance Appraisal Kit will give you everything you need to have a thorough and complete Performance Review Program for your company.
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Performance Improvement Plan Document (PIP)

Performance issues happen and can be tough to manage through.  This document with help guide you through the PIP process.
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Dogs in the Workplace Policy Template

You want a dog friendly workplace and hear you should have a policy in place, this free download is for you!
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Employee Termination Checklist

Saying goodbye is never easy, so having a termination checklist in place can ensure you work through your employee exit effectively.
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Return of Company Equipment Kit, Agreement Template and Written Policy

Protect your company assets with this policy and agreement template in order to manage your employee issued assets with confidence.
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Exit Questionnaire (Exit Interview Form)

It's time to exit an employee, this questionnaire walks you through the best questions to ask during the Exit Interview Process.
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Learn more about us!

Back in 2001 when Hire Ventures began, we recognized the need for small companies to have expert level HR and Recruiting services when they need it, without paying for a full-time HR resource or high dollar contingency fees.  

Creating the HR Shop was a natural progression of our business to help enable others to hire and retain talent.  We hope to provide various HR related forms and customizable documents at either reduced or no cost to simplify the tactical side of HR.