Exit Questionnaire (Exit Interview Form) by Hire Ventures

Exit Questionnaire (Exit Interview Form)

Understand why your employee left with our exit interview questionnaire.

Conducting An Exit Interview

Let this Exit Interview Questionnaire walk you through the right questions to ask so you can uncover the real reasons why your employee is leaving. Conducting an exit interview with a departing employee can be key in understanding performance and overall employee satisfaction. Knowing why an employee leaves can also help you improve your recruiting and hiring strategy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture this information, let this be your guide!

A few key points to remember:

  • You should have a formal policy regarding the practice of conducting exit interviews.
  •  Exit interviews should be only for voluntary separations (not layoffs or terminations for cause).
  • Exit interviews should be for all departing employees—not just key performers or long-timers.
Often a third-party service provider can conduct exit interviewing for organizations, gaining more information that could be shared with internal HR.  Hire Ventures can help with this!