Georgia Employee Handbook by Hire Ventures

Georgia Employee Handbook

Let's create your employee handbook!

Set the right expectations for employees and guide managers through employee issues with our customized employee handbooks! An employee handbook is the first step in laying a solid HR foundation for your company. When you do this right the first time, you're bound to experience more sustainable growth, easier employee on-boarding, better employee relations, and more empowered managers that make decisions in alignment with your values, mission and goals.

As a Georgia-based company with years of experience in HR, we're well versed in Georgia's specific and unique employment laws and the latest employment law updates from the federal government. Partnering with Hire Ventures means you'll receive a fully compliant, easy-to-rollout employee handbook, plus expert guidance and consultation with our Founder and President, Teresa Murphey.

Our employee handbook process is simple; we take the time to learn your business and create a customized employee handbook tailored to your needs. Here's what's included:
  • Up to two hours of expert human resource consulting to define your specific employee handbook needs and unique policies.
  • A customized Georgia employee handbook delivered in Microsoft Word and PDF format.
  • An easy checklist to ensure the successful rollout of your new employee handbook
  • Free employee handbook updating for compliance changes which may occur in the next 12 months!
Why wait for the next HR issue?

Set your organization up for success!  Get your customized Georgia compliant Employee Handbook today!